Women in Neurosurgery


We are in the era of women empowerment and it is largely applicable to our neurosurgical field as well. In the past few decades, there are noticeable changes observed in the status of women neurosurgeons around the world with a considerable increase in their number. There is at least one woman practicing as a neurosurgeon in most of the underdeveloped countries. Many pioneering women neurosurgeons are successfully leading the neurosurgical societies as Presidents. There is also a drastic change in the lifestyle of the present generation of women neurosurgeons, having much better opportunities to balance between their personal and professional life. Time has come and it is inevitable to form the women supportive group to foster our professional and social growth. Under the guidance of Prof. Yoko Kato, Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons has formed a ‘Women In Neurosurgery’ Chapter to create a large supportive network for women neurosurgeons across the world. We aim to bring all women neurosurgeons under one roof and to generate discussions on the common issues they face so that possible solutions could be identified. I welcome you all to join hands and lift each other to reach the horizon.

Dr. Dhivya Palanisamy (India)

Committee members

Dr. Sharon Casilda Theophilus (Malaysia)
Vice chairperson

Dr. Aneela Darbar (Pakistan)

Dr. Soha Alomar (Saudi Arabia)

Education Committee Chair
Dr. Abhidha Shah (India)
Dr. Wanru Duan (China)

Dr. Hira Burhan (Pakistan)
Website Committee