About Us

The ACNS is a family of Asian Neurosurgeons striving to improve the standards of Neurosurgery in Asia. The objective is to bring all the Neurosurgeons in Asian coutries together and learn, dicuss and grow together. After being established as a society by Dr. Tetsuo Kanno in the nineties, ACNS has grown in a tremendous fashion. The leaders are poising to take ACNS to the next level where one of the best education in Neurosurgery is rendered to all the residents in Asia, irrespective of the country. 

Under the able leadership of Professor Yoko Kato, the organisation has grown from strength to strength and the last few ACNS conferences are a clear demonstration of how much momentum the society has gathered. In September 2014, Astana will be hosting the 10th ACNS conference and thousands of Neurosurgeons and Nurses will be part of the grand gathering of learning and getting to know each other.

ACNS courses has been a very successful attempt and tis has given residents a chance to learn with the masters at a price that does not put a burden on the residents and struggling young Neurosurgeons from Asia. The best themes and course materials have been prepared and ACNS is also launching the surgical manual which would be really helpful to the young Neurosurgeon.