ACNS Educational Course

Young Neurosurgeons all over Asia need to acquire skills which can be used to improve Neurosurgical practice throughout Asia. Good training programs with a "hands on" component have been lacking and ACNS has taken the initiative to start a series of such courses. The ACNS educational courses invite masters in different subspecialties of Neurosurgery from all over the world and get them to describe surgical techniques in detail as well as demonstrating them on a cadaver as well. They also interact with the residents and the young Neurosurgeons to ensure they have a very clear understanding of these surgical procedures.

These courses have been kept at a very low price compared to similar courses all over the world keeping in mind the financial capabilities of a typical Asian resident. However, they need to enroll into ACNS to be able to participate in these courses which, at 50 USD for membership, is not excessive for even a resident.

For any other queries, please feel free to contact Dr. Iype Cherian, Incharge, ACNS educational courses at