A Message for Female Neurosurgeons

Asian Women’s Neurological Association (AWNA)

We say “Strike the iron while it is hot.” It is important to gain various knowledge while your brain is still flexible, though that is the period when women have to push hard with child birth and child care.

I think it is the key to support women during this hardship. As a doctor too, from the panel discussion, I think I was able to find ways to organize their motivation and passion toward their work, for women who entered Medical School with big expectation.

I think women’s ability should develop furthermore, with the help from day care center, reemployment, worksharing, team medicine, neurosurgeons society and politics. I am certain that this effort should therefore bring about breadth of mind for the work of male neurosurgeons.

Now in the age of less invasive treatment, neurosurgery will see significant changes in treatment methods. But the important thing is to have the spirit of a surgeon and improve your skills, and this is something that should not ever change as time goes by. As said in the old days, “Once in doubt, go for it,” if you are hesitating, take the challenge, and if any young female doctors have this spirit, step in and go for neurosurgery. If you can pursue that endeavor for the rest of your life or not, depends on your own determination and spirit, and if you are brave enough, people around you will accept you, approve you, and help you improve. When you have those hours of fatigue and desperation, stop for a while and rest, and then start again, to make your dream come true with each step forward you make. If you like neurosurgery, take it seriously, do not hesitate, and take the challenge, and think of it as your future.


Yoko Kato M.D.
Chairman, Asian Women’s Neurological Association (AWNA)
Chairman, World Federation of Neurological Societies (WFNS)
Secretary, WFNS Foundation
Professor, Dept. of Neurosurgery
Fujita Health University