Webinars 2021

7th WFNS Foundation ACNS Winter WEB Seminar February 20th-21st 2021

Jointly organised by WFNS Foundation, ACNS, CAANS, AASNS

Broadcasting in the web and Wechat Channel (China)

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Website: https://neurosurgery-video.net
Password: ps2020

Program: Live Streaming
Opening Speech
Prof. Yoko Kato ( President of the ACNS)
Prof. Mahmood M. Qureshi (President of the CAANS)
Prof. Wan Tew Seow (President of the AASNS)
Prof. José Antonio Soriano Sánchez (President of the FLANC)
Prof. Miguel A Arraez (Chairman of the WFNS Foundation)
Prof. Michael Lee (Presdent of the The Hong Kong Neurosurgical Society)
Medical Students, Residents and Nursing Session
“The Role of Japanese NPs in Acute Settings” by Ms Miyuki Hirosue (Japan)
“Changing characteristics, Treatments and Outcomes of Head Trauma in the Aging population of Japan” by Ms Mio Yabuki (Japan)
“Case report: Unique case of Osteosarcoma of cranial vault in Paediatric patient” by Dr. Himanshu Raval (India)
“Use of Multimedia for Informed Consent and Patient Education in Neurosurgery” by Dr. Sachin Chemate (India)
Virtual Workshop session
“Toshio-Rhoton anatomy session: Importance of surgical anatomy: anatomy and surgery of the posterior fossa” by Prof. Toshio Matsushima (Japan)
“Bypass surgery in moyamoya” by Prof. Bin Xu (China)
“Endo and microsurgical transposition pituitary gland” by Prof. Albert Sufianov (Tyumen, Russia)
“Transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumors” by Prof. Masamichi Kurosaki (Japan)
“Endoscopic Keyhole Surgery: A new trend for brain tumor and neurovascular compression syndrome” by Prof. Fuminari Komatsu (Japan)
“Technical Nuances in Selective Vestibular Neurectomy for Intractable Meniere Disease” by Prof. Maurizio Lacoangeli (Italy)
“Endoscopic Endonasal Approach to Foramen Magnum Meningioma” by Prof. Jose Alberto Landeiro (Brazil)
“Foramen Magnum Meningioma” by Prof. Jose Alberto Landeiro (Brazil)
“Large superior vermian AVM resected through an interhemispheric occipital transtentorial approach” by Prof. Ivan Radovanovic (Canada)
“STA to M2 middle trunk bypass for a complex non-giant MCA trifurcation aneurysm” by Prof. Ivan Radovanovic (Canada)
Tea Break (15 minutes)
Endoscopic, CSF, Paediatric and Education Session
“Paediatric hydrocephalus” by Prof. Wan Tew Seow (Singapore)
“VA shunt for i NPH” by Prof. Kiyoshi Takagi (Japan)
“Current endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary tumors” by Prof. Kosaku Amano (Japan)
“Suprasellar Cysts” by Prof. Federico Di Rocco (France)
“Neurosurgical Education in Egypt & Africa” by Prof. Nasser El-Ghandour (Egypt)
Lunch Break (1 hour)
Prof. Michael T. Lawton's Session
Seven Bypasses: Evolving the Craft of Revascularizatio
Bypass Techniques
Prof. Robert F. Spetzler's Session
Surgical management of spinal vascular lesions
FHU Bantane Alumni session
“A light on the dark side: in vivo endoscopic anatomy of the posterior third ventricle and its variations in hydrocephalus” by Prof. Alberto Feletti (Italy)
“Endovascular thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion” by Prof. Ittichai Sakarunchai (Thailand)
“Effect of folinic acid on HMGB1, serum homocysteine, TNFalpha, and IL-10 in head injury model” by Dr. Thomas Tommy (Indonesia)
“A difficult case of intraoperative aneurysm rupture” by Dr. Sandeep Talari (India)
“Trigeminal neuralgia case selection for MVD and procedure” by Prof. Ishu Bishinoi (India)
Women in Neurosurgery (WIN) session
“Leadership and gender in WFNS « i think is time to lead WFNS by woman” by Prof. Najia El Abbadi (Morocco)
“Task Sharing/Shifting Model: Addressing the Scarcity of Neurosurgeons in the Bicol Region of the Philippines” by Prof. Lynne Lourdes N. Lucena (Philippines)
“Traumatic Intracranial Aneurysm Treatment and Complication: Experiences in National Referral Hospital” by Dr. Zharifah Fauziyyah (Indonesia)
“Challenges and work life balance when one has two full time professional jobs” by Dr. Aneela Darbar (Pakistan)
YNS awards competition session (Judges: Prof. Ramesh Nair, Dr. Sandeep, Dr.Mewada, Prof. Alberto and Dr. Thomas)
Prof. José Antonio Soriano-Sánchez (President of the FLANC) speech to the YNS
“Traumatic cerebrovascular injury” by Dr. Sham Juan Kevan (Hong Kong)
“Recording cortico-cortical evoked potentials of the human arcuate fasciculus under general anaesthesia” by Dr. Davide Giampiccolo (Italy)
“Early versus Late surgical anterior circulation artery aneurysms clipping at National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital” by Dr. Bikesh Khambu (Nepal)
“The Effect of Mangosteen Extract toward Blood–Brain Barrier and Brain Edema via Hif-1, Mmp-9, and Aqp-4 in Astrocytes of the Hippocampus : Implication in further Cognitive Impairment in Traumatic Brain Injury” by Dr. Michael Lumintang Loe (Indonesia)
“Classification of Cardioembolic Stroke based on a Deep Neural Network using Chest Radiographs” by Dr. Tackeun Kim (Korea)
“Morphometric Analysis and Incidence Anomalies in V3 Segment of Vertebral Artery” by Dr. Hari Kiran G (India)
“The diagnostic accuracy of frameless stereotactic biopsy: a review 106 biopsy procedures” by Dr. He Zhexi (Hong Kong)
“Volume decrease of large and giant ICA aneurysms after treatment with flow diverter devices” by Dr. Baurzhan Kunakbayev (Kazakhstan)
“Cost-Effectiveness of Surgical Management of Cervical SCI in LMICs & the Role of Prehospital Care” by Dr. Noor ul Huda (Pakistan)
“Hirayama Disease - A Review of 10 Years Institutional Experience” by Dr. Sachin Chemate (India)

Cerebrovascular Session
Keynote Lecture “Recent treatment of cerebral aneurysm” by Prof. Yoko Kato (Japan)
“Direct surgical strategies for paraclinoid aneurysms” by Prof. Naoki Otani (Japan)
“The simplest STA-MCA bypass technique” by Prof. Bin Xu (China)
“Surgery of brainstem cavernous angioma” by Prof. Eka Julianta Wahjoepramono (Indonesia)
“Complex aneurysm management” by Prof. Ying Mao (China)
“Praclinoid aneurysm” by Prof. Feres Chaddad (Brazil)
“Dual-trained cerebrovascular/endovascular neurosurgeon: is it enhanced benefit for patients, or is it less safe and effective modalities in one hand” by Prof. Yerbol Makhambetov (Kazakhstan)
“Endovascular treatment for unruptured cerebral aneurysms - historical perspective and recent trends” by Prof. Shigeru Miyachi (Japan)
Tea Break (15 minutes)
““Keyhole Approaches to Brainstem Cavernomas: by Prof. Charles Teo (Australia)
“Posterior circulation aneurysms” by Prof. Mustafa K. Baskaya (USA)
Aesculap Special Lecture
“Aneurysm: Cooperation? Competition? Fight?” by Prof. Vladimir Benes (Czech Republic)
Zeiss Special Lecture
“Visualization Solution from Zeiss: From Transforming Possibilities to Mastering the Complex and a Solution for the Tumor Workflow” by Mr. Frank Seitzinger (Germany)
Neuro Oncology, Skull base and Functional Session
Keynote Lecture “Minimally Invasive Cervical Posterior Decompression in Cervica;; Spondylotic Myelopathy” by Prof. José Antonio Soriano Sánchez (Mexico)
Lunch Break (1 hour)
“Brainstem surgery of the Pontine and Mesencephalic region” by Prof. Miguel A Arraez (Spain)
“Skull Base Approaches for Complex Vascular and Neoplastic Intracerebral Lesions” by Prof. Maurizio Lacoangeli (Italy)
“Lateral Position for Supracerebellar Infratentorial Approach to the Posterior Base of Temporal Lobe” by Prof. Erion K Musabelliu (Almenia)
“Posterior skull base IONM - How I do it?” by Prof. Michael Lee (Hong Kong)
“Pitfalls of anesthetic management for awake craniotomy” by Prof. Kotoe Kamata (Japan)
“Awake surgery” by Prof. Takashi Maruyama (Japan)
“Anatomy of white fibers of the brain and their surgical implications” by Prof. Abhidha Shah (India)
“Trigeminal Schwannoma” by Prof. Luis A B Borba (Brazil)
“Ethical Dilemmas in Skull Base Surgery” by Prof. Anil Nanda (USA)
“Subtemporal transtentorial approach to petroclival lesions” by Prof. Tang Jie (China)
“Micronavigation, Augmented Reality, and Heads-up Display in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery” by Prof. Joshua Bederson (USA)
Closing Speech: Yoko Kato and José Antonio Soriano Sánchez (President of the FLANC)
END OF DAY 2 (Program)